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(self-designation, Unungun), the native population of the Aleutian Islands (USA).

Aleuts number about 5,000 (1961). A small number of them (about 400 in 1959) have been living on the Commander Islands of the USSR since the early 19th century. Their language is Aleutian. Most scholars believe that the Aleuts came to the Aleutian Islands from Alaska, where they branched off from the closely related Eskimos about 4,000 years ago. Before the Russians discovered the Aleutian Islands in the 18th century, the Aleuts used wooden, stone, and bone tools and were familiar with the cold forging of native copper. Their occupations were hunting whales and other sea mammals, fishing, and foraging. In the early 19th century they adopted many traits of Russian culture and the Russian Orthodox religion. In 1932 the Aleut Raion was set up on the Commander Islands in the USSR, where most Aleuts work in a fur-farming sovkhoz. In the USA, under the conditions of capitalist exploitation, the economy and original culture of the Aleuts have been largely destroyed. Many Aleuts work for hire as unskilled laborers.


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The documents also suggest that the Russians and Aleuts treated the local Bodega Miwok and Kashaya Pomo Indians more humanely than did the Spaniards.
Daily helped to train four Aleuts to manage port operations.
Alice Petrivelli, president of the firm, says another goal set by Baidarka's leaders is providing The Aleut Corporation's shareholders with opportunities to train in the construction field and to learn a variety of skills required in the construction business.
George have the highest percentage of Aleuts per capita, while St.
The Bristol Bay area has been inhabited for at least 9,000 years and attracted a Native population more diverse than perhaps anywhere else in the state, as Yupik Eskimos, Aleuts and Athabascans settled in the region and began harvesting its rich resources.
1806-1810 Peak of forced resettlement of Aleuts to Pribilofs by Russians.
Our shareholders are a mix of Eskimos, Aleuts and Indians from every region of Alaska.
MBDA provides assistance to socially or economically disadvantaged groups who own or wish to start or expand their own businesses, including African Americans, Native Americans, Puerto Ricans, Spanish-speaking Americans, Eskimos, Aleuts, Asian Indians, Asian Pacific Americans and Hasidic Jews.
They said the local people, mostly Aleuts, were not capable of developing a self-sufficient economy.
Their ancient culture is still in evidence today, although in the 18th century the Aleuts were nearly wiped out by Russian fur traders and the diseases they brought with them.
And, of course, the same statement may be made by Armenians, Mexicans, Catholics, Italians, Japanese, Muslims, Vietnamese, Koreans, Cambodians, Laotians, Native Americans, Aleuts, Pakistanis, Buddhists, Indians, Filipinos, Protestants, Armenians, Germans, Irish, Chinese, Salvadorians, Iranians, Palestinians and other residents of Los Angeles.
But the 200 local Aleuts have no mainland home to where they can retreat.