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1. A polymorphic language being developed by Stephen Crawley <> of Defence Science & Tech Org, Australia. Alex has abstract data types, type inference and inheritance.

2. <language> An ISWIM-like language with exception handling.

["An Exception Handling Construct for Functional Languages", M. Brez et al, in Proc ESOP88, LNCS 300, Springer 1988].

3. <tool> A scanner generator. Alexis is its input language.

["Alex: A Simple and Efficient Scanner Generator", H. Mossenbock, SIGPLAN Notices 21(5), May 1986].
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And while I'm on that, let me warn you about Alex Tracy, four miles north and a half mile east, on the west side of the road.
Alex King's well-known style and the happy couple left for their new home in Nova Scotia.
Even Alex and Alonzo -- I'll never be able to think of those two names separately after this -- are to her just two playfellows who want her to play with them all their lives.
Alex always has a smile on his face each and every day.
com/tv/2017/03/17/spoiler-room-once-upon-time-arrow-riverdale/) Entertainment Weekly , Leigh implied that Alex and Maggie might be reaching a new milestone in their relationship later in Season 2 of the CW series.
So at the end of the night, retired lorry driver Alex waited outside the gents for security guard Dickie "to get it sorted out".
The service Alex has provided for the public over the last 50 years, as well as the company he works for, is truly outstanding.
Alex is studying on the NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Exercise and Fitness course at Hugh Baird College and is a member of the British Drug Free Powerlifting Association.
Speaking to reporters at ystanbul's Sabiha GE[micro]kE*en Airport on Wednesday before the team headed to Germany for a Europa League match, Yyldyrym said everybody should know that as he had clashed with Alex in his role as a chairman, it was between him and the Brazilian to leave the club.
Alex and the Amazing Lemonade Stand by Alex Scott (Paje Publishing, ISBN# 978-0975320006, ages 4 and up) is the true story of Alexandra "Alex" Scott and her courageous, inspiring battle against childhood cancer - using a lemonade stand.