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You would think roses with names like Alexander Mackenzie, Henry Kelsey, David Thompson and the rest, would have the wherewithal to thrive in a Canadian winter without any special preparation at all," I commented.
He details how Alexander Mackenzie became the first European explorer to cross from the Atlantic to the Pacific a dozen years before Lewis and Clark.
Alexander Mackenzie, a Scotsman-turned-Canadian hero who died nonetheless a proud Scot, was in fact the first European to cross the continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific north of Mexico.
Fellow cop Alexander MacKenzie, whose 39 years' service makes him one of the longest serving officers in Scotland, also gets the Queen's Police Medal.
Peter Cooper, prosecuting, told the jury that Jonathan Beard,Hassan Miah Shigdar, Edward Hunter and Alexander Mackenzie Skeoch 'overstepped the mark' as they wrestled Mr Lawrence, aged 41, to the floor of a general store.
In 1874 the Liberal regime of Prime Minister Alexander Mackenzie invoked the Dominion government's constitutional power to disallow provincial legislation.
Canadian Prime Minister Alexander Mackenzie, in 1877 on the question of prohibiting the manufacture or sale of alcoholic beverages, warned against expecting too much of the law.
The longest and probably most significant journey he undertook was in mid-summer, 1937, when he travelled down the eponymous Mackenzie River to the Arctic, following in the path of another Scotsman, Alexander Mackenzie, a century and a half before.
Samuel Hearne, Alexander Henry, and Alexander Mackenzie explored Canada not on behalf of colonizing nations but for the profit of fur-trading companies.
Radio was something of a solace," said Carpenter, who at the age of six was sent to the Sir Alexander Mackenzie Residential School in Inuvik and stayed at the nearby Anglican-run hostel, Stringer Hall.
She made up her own six-page picture story booklet about the Loyalists to give to the students, and discussed the Loyalist migration into Quebec and Nova Scotia, the creation of New Brunswick and Ontario, the North West Company, western exploration (with the Indian guides and French Canadian coureurs des bois), and gave examples of some of the many accomplishments of Sir Alexander MacKenzie and Simon Fraser.
and groves of poplars irregularly scattered," (2) as Alexander Mackenzie wrote in 1792, were a meat larder for the fur trade and a bread basket for the settlers.