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Alexander Yakovlev, head of the committee on propaganda for the USSR at the time (whom Aron cites frequently, but not on this point), argues that the culprit was Marxism and not merely the way in which Marxist theories had been followed in the Soviet Union but in its foundational principles: Hegelian inevitability and, more importantly, philosophical materialism.
After the eventual demise of communism, Alexander Yakovlev, a sometime member of the politbureau, devoted the rest of his life to documenting its crimes.
During a meeting with Alexander Yakovlev, Director General of the Russian ACB Company, General Director of the Syrian Investment Agency, Ahmad Diab pointed out to Syria's richness of raw materials and qualified cadres, in addition to the new laws and legislations issued in this regard to guarantee the investors' rights.
After a conversation with one of the masterminds of Gorbachev's glasnost, Alexander Yakovlev, Brent realizes that only the detailed exposition of Stalinist mechanisms and structures by means of carefully annotated collections of historical documents can help Russians confront this troubled legacy and provide a basis for the "moral awakening" of the country.
Some women can't even change a light bulb," Alexander Yakovlev, who heads one of the renting offices, said.
Alexander Kurkov, former principal dancer with the Mariinsky Ballet who joined the company as a coach last year, is especially pleased with the new young male talent in the company, including three new young recruits Alexander Yakovlev, Vladimir Iznov and Dmitry Lisenko.
This would presumably be the same very good team mired from top to toe in the oil-for-fraud scandal, from Benon Sevan, the program's head honcho (since resigned and back in the Cyprus apartment building in whose elevator shaft his aunt mysteriously plunged to her death before she could be questioned by investigators), to Alexander Yakovlev, the senior procurement officer (for UN peacekeeping, I mean, not the child sex rings that invariably accompany it).
Before his death, Alexander Yakovlev warned that "over Russia hangs the cloud of bureaucratic arbitrariness" and authoritarianism, and he begged Vladimir Putin in an open letter that forms the last chapter of his memoir to renounce his policies of closed decision-making in favor of openness and an open society.
Human flaws in the command method cannot be compensated for by even the most sophisticated computers," Alexander Yakovlev, one of Gorbaehev's top aides, forthrightly acknowledged in 1988.
THE AMERICAN political scientist and former presidential adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski described Alexander Yakovlev, the co-architect of Gorbachev's reforms, as 'a man of conscience'.
According to media reports, international investigators want to know if there are links between ESS and Alexander Yakovlev, a UN procurement officer who was arrested in August on suspicion of corruption.
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