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Dumas fils:

see Dumas, AlexandreDumas, Alexandre,
known as Dumas fils
, 1824–95, French dramatist and novelist, illegitimate son of Alexandre Dumas (1802–70, Dumas Père). He was the chief creator of the 19th-century comedy of manners.
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Carpeaux's portraits of Gamier, Jean-Leon Gerome, and Alexandre Dumas, fils, feel utterly alive and present.
She had several lovers despite her youth, including Franz Liszt and Alexandre Dumas, fils, son of the great novelist Alexandre Dumas.
Originally written by Alexandre Dumas, fils, in his 1848 novel "La Dame aux Camelias," the narrative has known countless reincarnations, one of the most recent being Baz Luhrman's film "Moulin Rouge.