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Yet, unlike the others aided by the committee, such as Alfred Einstein and Edward Lowinsky, she never found a permanent academic position-perhaps because she was the only woman-and knowledge of her life and works seems to have vanished from the records.
The centerpiece of this analysis is the chapter "Dandy, Interrupted," adapted from the article for which he received the Alfred Einstein Award from the American Musicological Society.
You stood in the shoes of those who came before you seeking hope, happiness, opportunity and freedom, and to uphold and defend this country," he said, offering Alexander Graham Bell, Alfred Einstein, I.
Alfred Einstein is credited with defining insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
The musicologist Alfred Einstein describes its essence as follows: "it [the moresca] never has stanzaic form, but is rather a show piece for the entertainment of Neapolitan society and Venetian patricians.
RUSSIAN leader Joseph Stalin, right, and physicist Alfred Einstein were born.
Alfred Einstein, Bianca Becherini, Frank D'Accone, Knud Jeppesen, and Joshua Rifkin all drew attention to the manuscript long ago, and in 1987 Garland published a facsimile edition with an introduction by Howard Mayer Brown.
According to the distinguished scholar Alfred Einstein, Mozart never actually used the term "Lieder.
He is a founder of the Alfred Einstein College of Medicine and has served for several years as co-chairman of the Maccabi Youth Games committee of the Sid Jacobson JCC in Roslyn, NY.
The references listed in the curriculum vitae that formed part of Paul Nettl's application to Indiana University included Albert Einstein, German physicist and Nobel prizewinner in 1921; Alfred Einstein, German musicologist; and Thomas Mann, German novelist, critic and Nobel prizewinner in 1929.
And the final thing, and I'm not the first person to say this, Alfred Einstein, the great Mozart scholar, also did a lot of work on Steffani in the early 20th century and he, too, felt that Steffani's music had a similar kind of refinement and elegance of expression which reminded him of Mozart.
Drei Masken Verlag, largely in the person of Alfred Einstein, were keenly interested but understandably wary that UE might become litigious.