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In an algorithmic model, the solution is presented in a stepwise manner and with accomplishment of each step, the student will move on to the next until the problem is solved.
For those bonds that don't trade frequently, BondView's algorithmic model provides estimated prices by reviewing the trading of similar bonds by features including coupon, maturity, sector, rating, state and tax treatment.
Today, SyCara announced the industry's first-to-market solution: SyCara Local Plus, an algorithmic model which takes into account Google and Bing localization and show marketers where a product really stands on a search page.
Concurrent Challenges The Model Challenge is to create a predictive algorithmic model to help identify community-level risk factors that make communities more or less likely to experience acts of violence.
individuals, corporations, and foundations through an algorithmic model that calculates variables including:
This panel at the Programmatic Insider Summit will dive into how effectively and fairly today's multi-touch, algorithmic models are at mapping credit.
We have always invested heavily in our trading team and that, combined with the technology and algorithmic models we have developed over the years, put us in a market-leading position, both as a spread betting company and as a B2B provider.
The machine trading, based on subtly different but fundamentally similar, algorithmic models, eliminates the white-knuckles and potential human error involved in actively trading a volatile market, and increases anonymity.
Written in Lee's unique blend of prose, poetry and cutting-edge science, this innovative work offers his breakthrough "living equation" to show how complex systems can be simplified through algorithmic models and computer simulations.
Among these methods, the various algorithmic models are generally considered to be the most reliable and the most supportable.
Aviation Week's 2015 Fleet & MRO Forecasts combine tested algorithmic models with the expertise of the world's leading fleet research teams to provide unrivaled insight into the outlook for aircraft fleets and maintenance through 2024," said Brian Kough, Director of Forecasts & Analysis C Aviation Week Intelligence Network.
The data is then run through Ncyclo's proprietary algorithmic models and engine to deliver 20 easy-to-read, easy-to-manipulate dashboards that cover attributing reporting, cross channel optimization and audience insights.
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