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According to the indictment, the state-sponsored shipping company allegedly sent or received scores of illegal payments through Manhattan banks by using alias names and corporate alter egos in Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom, ABC News reports.
Police said he uses the alias names of Aubery Ashby and Ashby Aubery.
DUNBAR was identified as using multiple alias names, including "Andrew Watt," "George Dunbar" and "David Maughn.
Other SAN simplification features include a Web Dashboard which provides an operational view of the SAN fabric and Distributed Device Alias Services, which provide fabric-wide alias names for host bus adapters (HBA), storage devices, and switch ports and eliminate re-entering names when devices are moved.
In its message, Tehran's Interpol reminded that Rigi is travelling across different countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other states under fake identities and alias names.
The abductor may use the alias names of Teresa Salazar, Bianka Sayre, Teresa Salazar Sayre, Teresa Reamsnyder, or Blanca Nunez.
According to the Complaint, the defendants, some using alias names to hide their identity, violated federal and state laws when they used Tokyo Electron Arizona confidential information and know-how to build and sell replacement parts for the machines.
alleges in the lawsuit that five individuals using the alias names bcohen, jollyr, ADVISORY, Cats3 and gman007, posted false and defamatory statements about the company and its Chairman, Camilo Pereira, on an Internet bulletin board, the Raging Bull.
Shela Gilford, 39, was indicted last month on three counts of preparing false tax returns in her name or her alias names of Shela Alexander and Shela Winston.
The Printrak AFIS will prevent the issuance of multiple identity documents to people who attempt to use alias names.