Alison's House

Alison’s House

reclusive woman guards secrets and poems of her dead sister. [Am. Drama: Glaspel Alison’s House in Sobel, 18]
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The gossipers had a field day and soon spread the news about the "benefit swindler", and it reached the ears of Alison's eccentric old Aunt Oonagh, who then turned up at Alison's house, not long afterwards one blustery October evening.
Alison's House occurs on New Year's Eve in 1899, an evocative moment that highlights the generational conflict within the play and the larger cultural shift from the Victorian to the modern age that Glaspell and her generation so significantly chronicled.
They threw a pink champagne breakfast party for girlfriends at Alison's house.
Just six days after her funeral, burglars broke into her mum Alison's house, in St Paul's Close, Ashington, and took a contributions box containing nearly pounds 1,000 donated to the family by loved ones.
Residents in the street said they wanted the family to stay, with more than a dozen coming to Alison's house to show their support.
They made love after dropping their children at school and later after a barbecue at Alison's house as her police sergeant husband Stephen Lewis slept upstairs.
He watched from the garden of his girlfriend Alison's house near Hampden as the fans celebrated the Dons' semi-final win over Hibs
During the following 10 months several spats happened which left Roisin spending many nights at Alison's house, two doors away from their marital home.
We began working from Alison's house in Streetly, designing for clients on an individual basis.
I eventually managed to contact my mother and she picked up her bag from Alison's house the following morning -she would not accept any reward.
But after we saw Alison's house, everything else seemed really cramped.