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And there are the ghosts, skeletons and skulls from All Saints Day and All Souls Day.
Opening in Berlin during a snowstorm in the winter of 1996-97, All Souls Day follows the cinematographer Arthur Daane, on hiatus from the freelance assignments that take him to Bosnia, Somalia, Guatemala, and other flashpoints of conflict around the globe.
With the carnage of World War I in mind, Pope Benedict XV extended All Souls Day to the whole Catholic Church in 1915.
Under solemn grey skies yesterday - November 2 and All Souls Day - they marked the first anniversary of the Atherstone-on-Stour warehouse disaster which killed four of their comrades.
No movies other than horror shows, and even the documentaries presented garbled information about All Souls Day and "All Hallows Eve.
With so-called Mortgage Day falling on the same day as the widely recognised All Souls Day and Hallowe'en, and, with newspapers no doubt full of stories of 'trick or treat', consumers could be forgiven for letting Mortgage Day pass them by.
Celebrations around the Celtic New Year, which later became All Saints Day and then All Souls Day, give us our first glimpse of today's Halloween.
The Church of England in Birmingham is to hold a special cathedral service today, All Souls Day, for the Christians murdered in Pakistan at the weekend.
In Spanish, Dia De Los Muertos means Day of the Dead, and in Mexico is the commemoration of the Roman Catholic holy day All Souls Day, mixing pre-Latino culture and Roman Catholicism.
All Saints' Day and All Souls Day commemoration is as well as is a tradition inherited by Filipinos from their Spanish colonisers, but another significance is that it brings together families who, most of the time, have very little time to see and talk to one another because of their busy lifestyles.
When Catholicism was introduced in the 16th century, it coincided with the All Saints Day and All Souls Day and has been incorporated ever since.
This month Catholics go out of our way to remember our heroes and heroines: our official ones on All Saints Day, November 1, and our own beloved dead--our unofficial saints, if you will--on All Souls Day, November 2.

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