All-American Canal

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All-American Canal,

80 mi (129 km) long, SE Calif.; part of the federal irrigation system of the Hoover DamHoover Dam,
726 ft (221 m) high and 1,244 ft (379 m) long, on the Colorado River between Nev. and Ariz.; one of the world's largest dams. Built between 1931 and 1936 by the U.S.
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. Built between 1934 and 1940 across the Colorado Desert, the canal is entirely within the United States and replaces the Inter-California Canal, which passes through Mexico. The Imperial Dam, NE of Yuma, Ariz., diverts water from the Colorado River into the All-American Canal, which runs W to Calexico, Calif. Smaller canals move water into the Imperial Valley; the Coachella Canal branches NW to the Coachella Valley. This canal system irrigates more than 630,000 acres (254,961 hectares) and has greatly increased crop yield in the area; however, problems of drainage and salinity exist.
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Reclamation will continue to restrict access and maintain barricades and signage at the All-American Canal Headworks until project completion.
In addition, the agreement contains language by which both countries pledge to provide "expedited consideration" to resolving issues that may arise should an agency submit plans to build a diversion connected to the All-American Canal in the Imperial Valley so water could be delivered to Mexico's Colorado River-Tijuana aqueduct in an emergency.
DONOVAN Y SCOTT WHITEFORD, "The All-American Canal Lining Dispute: An American Resolution over Mexican Groundwater Rights?
He prodded the Bureau of Land Management to give Water Station the right to set up on public land and helped secure $92,000 for John's proposal--later defeated--to install lifesaving buoys in the All-American Canal, a 200-foot-wide aqueduct that skirts the border.
Bautizado como All-American Canal II (AACII), el proyecto se construira en Imperial County, California, adyacente a la frontera con Mexico y al ya existente All-American Canal (AAC).
Ten percent of border deaths come as migrants drown trying to swim across the deceptively calm waters of the All-American Canal.
Damage to the Central Arizona Project Canal, California Aqueduct and All-American Canal -- the region's major water delivery systems -- would jeopardize municipal water supplies from Las Vegas to San Diego.
Tenders are invited for Engineering Services for New Briar Flume Crossing over All-American Canal
Migrants may wander for days, running out of food and water, before collapsing in the heat or freezing weather or perishing in a desperate swim across the polluted and toxic All-American Canal.
The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and the Southern Nevada Water Authority would line the porous All-American Canal in Imperial County to prevent seepage.