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, Ger. Allenstein, city (1993 est. pop. 165,600), capital of Warmińsko-Mazurskie prov., N Poland. It is a trade, manufacturing, and railroad center, as well as a popular health resort.
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, Poland.
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According to the legal papers, Allenstein, agreed to purchase a 25.
In 1996 Allenstein had the necklace appraised again, prior to purchasing a companion piece.
In fact Procop intentionally misrepresented the weight and value of the necklace in both his verbal representations and in his written evaluation of the necklace for the purpose of defrauding Allenstein," the lawsuit alleges.
In Allenstein, Kopelev met a woman with a bloodied bandage on her head, together with her 13-year-old daughter.
In Allenstein, which had just been seized by the Red Army, Kopelev was struck by two well-groomed ladies who had set off in search of a store where they could use their ration cards, since all the stores were closed or destroyed on their own street.
Working from a none-too-innovative script he co-wrote with Bradley Allenstein and Robert Henny, helmer Don Michael Paul ("Half Past Dead") alternates between low comedy and sappy sentiment, trafficking in rude gags (rest assured, crotches are pummeled and gas is passed) and tired stereotypes.
East Prussia was divided between Belorussia and Poland in 1947, Allenstein renamed Olsztyn, and the country repopulated by Poles and Russians.
When the Russians invaded East Prussia in January 1945, my grandmother and aunt were in Allenstein.
Rabbi Schwarz had served in small town Prussian pulpits in Reichenbach, Allenstein, and Gumbinnen.
THORSTEN ALLENSTEIN, MD, Triumph International, chats with Shuchi Jain
Eyed in the summer of 1942 at a Berlin boxing club by trainer Heinrich Vogler (Devid Striesow) for enrollment at the Napola in Allenstein, promising 16-year old pugilist Friedrich Weimer (Max Riemelt) skips out on his resigned mother, adoring young brother and disapproving father, who furiously reminds the boy "Hitler's Youth are bad enough, we won't have anything to do with these people.
With the fitness bug, body conscious women have realised that inner wear is equally or rather more important than the outer one," says Thorsten Allenstein, MD, Triumph International, the leading lingerie maker with 40 per cent brand share in the organised lingerie market.