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Cushing researched and tested the AllerCease[TM], an allergy relief technique that provides natural allergy desensitization without drugs or needles.
Isopathic homeopathy, like conventional allergy desensitization treatments, uses small doses of actual allergens to treat allergy sufferers.
Immunotherapy, also called allergy desensitization shots, involves injecting small amounts of the allergen to which you are allergic into your body.
It took a few years to "bootstrap" the company, but Natural Ophthalmics' eight products--including eye drops specifically for men and women, allergy desensitization and cataracts--are now available through 400 doctors as sales grew 40 percent in 2007.
With this study we have now demonstrated the different immunological steps involved and have confirmed the safety of our VIASKIN[R] method of food allergy desensitization.

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