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A rock that was transported a great distance from its original deposition by some tectonic process, generally related to overthrusting, recumbent folding, or gravity sliding.



an organism inhabiting some locality which, unlike an autochthon, arose in the course of evolution in some other place. It reached the regions inhabited at the present time by migrating from its own original center of distribution. For example, the opossum and several hummingbird species are allochthons of North America, which they entered from South America.

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Toward the end of the last century, the recognition of lithological folding and faulting, both synchronous with and subsequent to thrusting, has provided further insight into the mechanisms of emplacement of vast allochtons [22] which need not be just clay and sand, but can as well be valuable ores for the production of such strategic materials like uranium, molybdenum and rhenium.