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1. (in the European Alps) an area of pasture above the valley bottom but below the mountain peaks
2. a high mountain


A list processing extension of Mercury Autocode.

["ALP, An Autocode List-Processing Language", D.C. Cooper et al, Computer J 5:28-31, 1962].
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Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal Des Alpes Du Sud Cellule Marchs, Chi Des Alpes Du Sud
Credit Des Alpes also said it had been co-operating with the Miami-based company in clients' consulting on property deals in the city since 2007.
These traders sought solutions that they could get running quickly and with less effort, without sacrificing the high-performance necessary for success," said Pedro Machado, head of institutional sales at Alpes.
Alpes is one of the leading brokers in this community and gives our common customers fast and convenient access to trade in Brazil.
Compagnie des Alpes acquired its original 60% stake in STVI in October 2007 and had an option to buy the remaining 40% in 2013.
The agreement means Alpes will be able to provide its execution services in the Brazilian to counterparties across the world.
Using the Event Modeler, Alpes reduced time-to-market for its algorithmic strategies to within two months.
3% stake in Compagnie des Alpes ("CDA"), the leading French ski resort operator and the third largest operator of theme parks in Europe.
Contract notice: Framework agreement for the supply of promotional objects for the university of grenoble alpes