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He settled on Letter Shifts (p 173-76) such as add to bee, ice to keg, fusion to layout, augmented by Isograms (p 49-50) illustrated by real people such as Melvin Schwarzkopf, Scrambled Alphabets (p 179-80) to maximize (or minimize) the number of fourletter Pocket Dictionary words in alphabetic order (abet, bevy.
The tool aggregates unique terms over time and presents them back to the analyst sorted by frequency count or alphabetic order.
All afternoon, now reaching past four o'clock and quickly approaching the windy ride down the mountain behind the old locomotive, Nariff recited, in alphabetic order, all the forms of currency that he claimed were in use around the world.
If the problem is further simplified, so that all disks arrange the letters in alphabetic order, then the number of multiple solutions is related to the incidence of shiftwords.
Honorifics abbreviated; nationalities listed in alphabetic order.
It is valuable to have printed these pieces so promptly but the books are difficult to use since the papers have been crowded onto the pages and are arranged simply in alphabetic order of authors' names.
The remaining cells are filled in in alphabetic order with the remaining letters.
Allen Tice, creator of the "And Now The News" word square spoof admired by Willard Espy in his May 1987 Kickshaws, gently chides Susan Thorpe for not using SUBCONTINENTAL as an OED example in "AEIOU: A Thirty-Year Quest" in Aug 1999: "It was uncongenial to not find my own obvious, easily-grasped, simple, and curiously refreshing reverse alphabetic order UOIEA word--subcontinental
With vowels in alphabetic order, he offers ATE IT OUT (as a monkey a coconut) and MAME?
28 [achtentwintig] the smallest number-name with three different vowels in alphabetic order [24]
It comes in sixth on at least six lists: (1) alphabetic by first letter, (2) alphabetic by last letter, (3) alphabetic by third letter, (4) alphabetic when letters of each word are arranged in reverse alphabetic order, (5) sums of alphabetic values, (6) letter weights (average letter value).
Topics covered in the report include: - Macro Economic data and population - Listing and map of the States - List of the retailers top down in size - List of the retailers in alphabetic order - USA Retailers - Wal-Mart - Kroger - Ahold - Target - Albertsons - Costco - Safeway