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a nationality comprising the inhabitants of Alsace; a French national minority. According to a 1975 estimate, the Alsatians number 1,400,000. Their literary languages are French and German. About three-fourths of religious believers are Roman Catholics; the rest are Lutherans and Calvinists.

The Alsatians developed from Celtic tribes influenced by the Germans, especially the Alamanni. Their ethnographic uniqueness is explained by their location on the border between France and Germany, to both of which they have belonged in the course of history. The democratic principles of the French Revolution played a decisive role in the formation of the Alsatian ethnic consciousness. From 1871 to 1918, when Alsace belonged to Germany, the Alsatians resisted enforced germanization; from 1940 to 1945 they joined with the French in their struggle against the fascist German invaders.

The Alsatians have preserved their traditional culture, including its folklore and festivals at which national costumes and dances are demonstrated. About 50 percent of the Alsatians are employed in various industries, and about 11 percent in agriculture.


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Oppressed by each side in turn, it is no wonder that Alsatians sought refuge in a fierce loyalty to their native towns or villages, a loyalty which transcended that owed to their province.
In my experience, most of the dog bites received in the line of duty are by small terrier-type dogs and not by Dobermans or Alsatians.
Mr Bloor, who owns a third Alsatian and Jack Russells, had the dogs destroyed.
Dad-of-two Allan McPherson, 32, had also claimed he was denied the chance of becoming a dog handler because his boss told him the Alsatians could not understand his broad Glaswegian accent.
POLICE might soon have to warn criminals with a known fear of dogs in advance before setting the Alsatians on them.
Lady McCartney sat through a five-minute video showing the slaughter in China of alsatians which are allowed to bleed to death and are immediately skinned on the side of the street before they are dead.
The court heard that in July last year Mrs Hicks was looking after the border collie and two Alsatians for a friend at his home at the Old Heath Hotel, Foleshill Road, when Manpreet Kaur walked past.
In Glasgow, 40 police officers - some with Alsatians - stood by to board the paddle steamer as it docked.
The family did not want to have Mel put down when she was hit by the disabling condition which affects many alsatians - but they couldn't bear to see the normally active eight-year-old drag herself around on her front paws.
And they are buying badly trained dogs such as Alsatians and Japanese Akitas - because they can get them on the cheap.
People used to be more scared of Alsatians then, but everyone liked Jet.
NORTH Wales police are to replace some of their Alsatians because they are too soft.