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, Ger. Alsen, island, 121 sq mi (313 sq km), Sønderjylland co., S Denmark, in the Lille Bælt, separated from the mainland by the narrow Alensund. Sønderborg (partly situated on the mainland) is the main city; other towns include Augustenborg and Nordborg.
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, Denmark.
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Brink E, Alsen P, Herlitz J, Kjellgren K, Cliffordson C, 2012, General Self-Efficacy And Health-Related Quality Of Life After Myocardial Infarction.
In four separate articles Alsen writes of four details concerning Seymour's personality.
A better understanding of the patients' perceptions of their illness can enable us to adapt the information individually for each patient, and encourage more patients to enter the follow-up programmes", says Alsen.
These tools will not be addressed here in detail, but each involves a slightly different transaction model (see Alsen et al.
The manufacturing company Holcim, under the name Alsen AG, was fined a total of 5.
Alsen was released in 2000 as the first NDSU HRSW cultivar with resistance to FHB and has been widely grown in the Northern Plains since 2001.
As the military commander of the Polish Confederacy of Bar, Count Pulaski had credentials aplenty, and could point to Poland's glory days of Beresteczko, Alsen, and Parkany.
Lafarge received a pounds 59 million fine, while Alsen, a Hamburg-based unit of Swiss cement maker Holcim was fined pounds 51 million.
The group includes Bruce Witte, Andy Hall, Larry Hoyt, Richard Alsen, Phil Mosier and Kevin Gardner.
Their former slave labor factories Alsenische and Breitenburger merged in 1997 under the name Alsen Ag.