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see AltaiAltai
or Altay
, geologically complex mountain system of central Asia; largely in the Altai Republic, Russia, and in Kazakhstan, but extending into W Mongolia (where it is called the Mongolian, or Gobi, Altai), and into N China.
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, mountain system, Asia.
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The proposed methodology provides cost-effective 3D recording of the increasingly endangered archaeological heritage of the Altai Mountains.
The eight passengers on board the helicopter had permits to hunt red deer and mountain goats in the Altai Mountains.
Four subspecies of moose have been documented in Russia including 1) Alces alces alces Linnaeus 1758 found in European Russia, the Ural mountains, western Siberia, and the Altai mountains, 2) A.
Mountaineer Serghiei stumbled across the limb 3,500 metres up in the Altai Mountains, Siberia, where legend has it the creature lived.
The people in question, the small nomadic tribe of the Tuva, traditionally occupied yurt settlements in the pastures and valleys of the Altai Mountains region of southern Siberia and Mongolia.
The terrain extends from the Volga to the Altai Mountains and from the plains in Western Siberia to oasis and desert in Central Asia.
Altai is produced in one distillery, with wheat from the Siberian plain and spring water from the Altai mountains.
the western, Turko-Iranian, part of the Inner Asian heartland, whose indigenous population consisted of various Iranian peoples, most of whom have been by now Turkicized, and whose growing Turkic population has to various degrees assimilated its indigenous Iranian culture; in geographical terms, it spreads from the Caspian Sea and the Ural river basin in the west to the Altai mountains and the Turfan oasis in the east, and from the limits of the Inner Asian steppe belt in the north to the Hindukush and the Kopet-Dagh in the south.
This is the first time a Scythian kurgan in Central Asia's Altai Mountains has yielded such a massive sacrifice of horses with all their equipment and finery in place.
The new Russian-Chinese gas pipeline is planned to pass through Altai Mountains to China directly.
Ash Dykes, 23, walked into the record books after spending 78 days alone crossing the unforgiving land of the high Altai Mountains, scorching Gobi Desert and the seemingly-endless Mongolian Steppe.