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The network of alternative medicine providers started with 730 acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopathic physicians (in Connecticut only), nutritionists, massage therapists and yoga instructors in December 1996.
ACAM is thrilled to partner with Alternative Medicine Review and welcomes the opportunity to expand our membership benefits through this strategic initiative," said Drew McGray, Director of Marketing for ACAM.
Developing Countries - Major Markets for Alternative Medicine 8
He added that nobody is allowed to practice alternative medicine unless he has prior experience, and has some knowledge of medicine and how to diagnose cases.
The 2007 estimates update a 1997 telephone survey that put complementary and alternative medicine costs at $27 billion.
What's clear is the role that money and hope play in the burgeoning market for alternative medicine.
Americans now spend $10 billion a year on alternative medicine, and much of that amount is cash; very few insurance plans cover alternative therapies.
Wallace Sampson, editor of The Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine, have written of Eisenberg's role in Moyers' series: "[He] continued to embrace the therapeutic effects of[traditional Chinese medicine] as enthusiastically as he had back in his student days when he accepted as real the kind of 'external Qi' that others have exposed as magic tricks.
us/ noted, in some cases, mesothelioma is responding positively to alternative medicine.
Majed Al Jomai: Are those who practice alternative medicine in the country even qualified to do so?
When one of these systems of medicine is used as a substitute of Western conventional medicine, it is referred to as alternative medicine, as it is an alternative way of treating a medical condition.
It is just as illegitimate to equate the entire field of alternative medicine with one of its worst examples of bad behavior as it would be to equate the entire field of conventional medicine with one of its worst examples of bad behavior.

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