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sugar substitute:

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substance used as a low-calorie sugar substitute. Saccharin, cyclamates, and aspartame have been the most commonly used artificial sweeteners. Saccharin, a coal-tar derivative three hundred times as sweet as sugar, was discovered in 1879.
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Since starting the business in 1984, Suzanne's Specialties has become an industry leader within the alternative sweetener category to the health food industry.
According to a new market report published by Transparency Market Research " Alternative Sweetener Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth and Forecast 2015 - 2021", global alternative sweetener market was valued at USD 11,538.
Cane refiners in the EU may also face a challenging time, mainly due to a lower requirement for imported sugar which could be caused by a growing consumption of the alternative sweetener, high fructose syrup (HFS or isoglucose), for which production quotas will also be abolished, added Schers.
Sweet Green Fields, known in the alternative sweetener industry for its plant research and agriculture practices, has stevia crops in the state of California, as well as globally.
Growing Stevia for Market" is a guide for those who want to embrace the stevia plant, an alternative sweetener that is low glycemic and can be grown in a versatile array of locations.
During the sugar rationing of World War II, Americans needed an alternative sweetener, and honey filled that void, Fallon said.
To make its brand new No Sugar Added line, Ben & Jerry's has turned to today's alternative sweetener of choice, Splenda.
And there is an opportunity for honey to be pushed as an alternative sweetener," he says.
Expecting that beet and cane sugar will remain much cheaper than xylitol made from the xylose in corn fiber, Leathers envisions that the future of the alternative sweetener lies in niche markets.
It is difficult to know how much more time and effort will be required for stevia to achieve the kind of alternative sweetener status in the US that it has been accorded in other countries.
Just as every consumer has different tastes, it's impossible to ensure that every food using an alternative sweetener will be able to work taste-wise.
or the "Company"), a farm management company focused on the economic development of stevia, the fastest growing product in the alternative sweetener sector, is pleased to announce its wholly owned subsidiary, Stevia Asia Limited's entry into a cooperative agreement with Technew Technologies for the provision of stevia formulations by their newly formed joint venture, Stevia Technew Limited, as part of an ongoing feed program serving the shrimp farming sector of Guangdong Province, China.

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