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I think that the money should go to schools and hospitals, or bringing down the debt, not bringing in the Alternative Vote.
The Alternative Vote will mean politicians having to persuade at least half their constituents to vote for them.
NO2AV also warns us that the alternative vote would be expensive to run.
The Alternative Vote Plus system would be used to elect the constituency MP.
The alternative vote means the majority get their voices heard; it will shut the door on extremist parties like the BNP.
We will offer to the Liberal Democrats in a coalition government the holding of a referendum on the alternative vote system, so that the people of this country can decide what the best electoral system is for the future.
The Alternative Vote, however, enables us all to get away from negative campaigning with arguments about tactical voting and split votes, it means every voter can express their preferences between all the candidates in a seat.
HEAD-TO-HEAD: Prime Minister David Cameron gives a speech against the alternative vote (AV), at the Royal United Services Institute building in London.
The alternative vote takes on the considerable strengths of our system and I suggest builds on it.
On May 5, 2011 voters across the UK will be asked if they want to replace first-past-the-post with the alternative vote.
The ConDem government is guilty of: failing to consult with all opposition parties over proposed changes to the electoral system; the abolition of local inquiries into raised objections to geographical boundary changes; the proposed exemption for "a no change" to four northern Scottish constituencies; objecting to review the national electoral register comprehensively before the constituency equalisation process begins; failing to consult with the Welsh Government over the date of the referendum for the Alternative Vote bill as it will coincide with Welsh elections; failing to have proper regard for the eventual reduced number of UK parliamentary MPs across Wales prior to knowing the outcome of the intended referendum on powers.
The campaigners are pushing for a 'no' vote in the referendum in May on introducing the alternative vote (AV) system for general elections.

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