Aluminum Fluoride

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aluminum fluoride

[ə′lüm·ə·nəm ′flu̇r‚īd]
(inorganic chemistry)
AlF3·3½H2O A white, crystalline powder, insoluble in cold water.

Aluminum Fluoride


(A1F3), a salt; colorless crystals with a density of 3,100 kg/m3. It sublimates upon heating. It is only very slightly soluble in water (0.559 g in 100 g H20 at 25°C) and does not react with alkalies or acids (except boiling sulfuric acid). Aluminum fluoride forms numerous complex compounds—for example, Na3AlF6, so-called cryolite, which is widely used in the aluminum industry. Aluminum fluoride can be obtained by passing HF over Al or A1203 at red heat or by other methods. It is used as a component part of an electrolyte used for obtaining and purifying aluminum.

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3 per cent share in the Aluchemie anode plant in the Netherlands and its 50 per cent share in the Aluminium fluoride plant in Sweden.
3% share in the Aluchemie anode plant in the Netherlands and its 50% share in an Aluminium fluoride plant in Sweden, the company said.
Cooking in aluminium vessels using fluoridated water results in formation of aluminium fluoride complex that get absorbed rapidly from intestine resulting in fluoride toxicity.
543mg/g in slightly basic medium due to its large surface area and presence of high percentage of aluminium and magnesium that favors the formation of aluminium fluoride and magnesium fluoride.
A new aluminium fluoride plant in Abu Dhabi will meet demand from aluminium smelters in the UAE leaving a surplus for other applications and exports, it is learnt.
The complex has a production capacity of 60,000 tonnes/annum aluminium fluoride (AlF3), 140,000 tonnes/annum sulphuric acid (H2SO4) and 54,000 tonnes/annum hydrofluoric acid (HF), in addition to a water purification plant.
The laboratory has maintained excellent standards in Round Robin testing of anode cores, petroleum coke, coal tar pitch, aluminium metal, alumina and aluminium fluoride, a statement said, highlighting that in the most recent Round Robin cycle for Pitch analysis, conducted in 2014, nine different samples were tested for chemical and physical impurities.
Abu Dhabi: Emirates Aluminium (Emal) on Monday signed a Dh342 million contract over three years with the Italian-based company Fluorsid for the provision of aluminium fluoride.
The Company also has three aluminium powder metallurgy plants, and produces cryolite, aluminium fluoride andcathodes.
MANAMA: A top Bahrain business group has formed a joint venture with an Indian industrial house to set up a $100 million company for the manufacture of aluminium fluoride.
In setting the fines, the Commission took into account the short duration of the infringement, and the relatively low level of turnover in the aluminium fluoride market as well as the fact that the companies operated on a worldwide market.
Apart from the mines it works at Hassa, Eshidiya and Abiadh, JPMC also operates a fertilizer and chemical plant in Aqaba on the Red Sea, producing Di-Ammonium Phosphate, Sulphuric Acid and Aluminium Fluoride, and has its own port facility outside the main harbor facility.