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York, Alvin Cullum,

1887–1964, American soldier known as Sergeant York, b. Fentress co., Tenn. He was reared on a back-country farm in Tennessee. A conscientious objector at the beginning of World War I, he later agreed to fight and was credited with killing 25 German soldiers, capturing 132 others, and taking a hill in an engagement (Oct. 8, 1918) in the Argonne Forest. York received the highest decorations of the American and French governments and became a popular hero. He later founded a school in the Tennessee mountains.


See his autobiography (1928); biography by T. J. Skeykill (1930).

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In his view, Alvin York was a true American hero for both his feats on the battlefield in World War I and a "life well-lived" afterwards.
In this thorough biography of Alvin York, the American hero of the Great War and Medal of Honor recipient, Douglas Mastriano avoids that mistake and allows the role and significance of York's devout Christianity to take center stage, which is almost certainly the way York and those who knew him best would have wanted his story told.
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Alvin York, who single-handedly captured more than 100 enemy soldiers during WorldWarI, was a hero; Audie Murphy, who by himself held off a German tank and infantry attack in World War II, was another.
Chapter four, for example, begins with an account of the lives of the United States' most famous combat heroes from World War I and World War II, Sergeant Alvin York and Audie Murphy.
Originally an infantry outfit made famous by Sergeant Alvin York during World War I, the 82nd was deactivated following the war, only to be reborn a generation later during a new age of warfare.
Then add stocks of black walnut from the tree which shaded the family home of one of America's best-loved heroes, Medal of Honor-recipient Sergeant Alvin York.
30-06 is Theodore Roosevelt, Alvin York and Ernest Hemingway.
Willie Carson enjoys a 791-1 treble at Nottingham as Causley (Bryan McMahon) beats Turbo Ross (Michael Jarvis/Tyrone Williams) in the claimer, Alvin York (Mick Haynes) takes the seller from One Heart (Eric Wheeler/Luigi Riggio, 5) and Height of Folly (John Dunlop) outruns Trecauldah (Robert Williams/Richard Hills) in the two-miler.
Even World War I warrior Sergeant Alvin York is plucked from the recesses of history and plunked down, complete with flashlight and rifle, in the midst of the blitzkrieg of Oak Ridge.
Cooper starred in more than 90 films, earning two Best Actor Academy Awards, one for "Sergeant York" in which he was hand-picked for the role by Sergeant Alvin York himself, followed by "High Noon.
Americans of the time could proudly tell you how Sergeant Alvin York of Tennessee had single-handedly wiped out a German patrol with one shot apiece from his issue .