Amasis II

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Amasis II,

d. 525 B.C., king of ancient Egypt (569–525 B.C.), of the XXVI dynasty. In a military revolt he dethroned ApriesApries
, king of ancient Egypt (588–569 B.C.), of the XXVI dynasty; successor of Psamtik II. Apries sought to recover Syria and Palestine. He attacked Tyre and Sidon but failed (586 B.C.) to relieve the siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar.
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. He erected temples and other buildings at Memphis and Saïs and encouraged Greek merchants and artisans to settle at Naucratis. He also established alliances with Greek leaders and maintained his rule partly with the aid of Greek mercenaries. Amasis II died just before the Persian invasion (525 B.C.) under CambysesCambyses
, two kings of the Achaemenid dynasty of Persia. Cambyses I was king (c.600 B.C.) of Ansham, ruling as a vassal of Media. According to Herodotus he married the daughter of the Median king Astyages; some scholars dispute this. Cambyses' son was Cyrus the Great.
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. His name also appears as Ahmose II.
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Principal cast for "The Egyptian Cinderella" includes Julie Nielson as "Rhodopis," Keith Holland as "Pharaoh Amasis," Megan Smyth as "Hathor, Goddess of Love" (the fairy Godmother role), and Amy Richardson as "Princess Neheset" (the wicked stepmother role).
Amasis rose from the ranks and appears to have been a capable and judicious sovereign, living at the time of Croesus and the rise of Greek art, philosophy, literature, and science.
Likewise, Donker Van Heel (Abnormal Hieratic and Early Demotic Texts Collected by the Theban Choachytes in the Region of Amasis [Leiden, 1995]) has provided an extensive reevaluation of our understanding of Saite lease documents.
une pretendue conquete de l'ile par le pharaon Amasis autour de 560 av.
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