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UK'S BEST PART-TIME BAND FINAL BBC2, 10pm The nationwide amateur band contest reaches its conclusion as the six finalists and their celebrity mentors try to outperform each other in a 'battle of the bands' concert at the RITZ in Manchester.
According to Ogasawara, Doha Oyaji Band is an amateur band formed by professionals working in different walks of life.
Now on its 15th year of rock n' rolling, the Muziklaban event is the culmination of the annual amateur band competition that gathers Pinoy rock fans all over the country to bring an event with an extra strong kick only Red Horse Beer can provide.
The satellite will provide wireless voice transmission over an amateur band between two groups of people at two distant locations," Professor Alim Rustem Aslan told reporters on Tuesday.
As an amateur band, the quartet participat ed in the X Factor TV show on RAI2.
Anna and Michael were at the hall to see a local amateur band play, and when they met it was a literal case of love at first sight.
Now settled in Glasgow, Jim was living in his hometown of Drogheda, Ireland, when he formed The Viceroys in 1965, then just an amateur band.
HIT SHOW: Chris Tarrant celebrates with Millionaire contestant; TOP OF POPS: Paul's band is listed above Van Morrison's Them in old advert; DRUMMER BOY: Paul played for amateur band The Corsairs; TUNED IN: Paul Smith has hopes to launch Belfast radio station
Playing in an amateur band is rather a marginal occupation (Groce 1991), somewhere between work and non-work.
A native of Osaka Prefecture, Kawashima, best known for a hit song ''Sake to Namida to Otoko to Onna'' (Liquor, tears, man and woman), started singing as a member of an amateur band while he was in high school.
Footage showed an amateur band playing away merrily, the musicians all postal workers who had assembled in the gallery at the artist's request to play just as they normally would after working hours.
The amateur band members involved reflect the amateur athletes who will be participating.

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