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Residents in the Giza village of Dahshur proceeded to construct a cemetery last week near the Black Pyramid, also known as the Pyramid of Amenemhat II, a tomb more than 3,500 years old.
Ingrid Blom-Boer analyzes remains of the decorative programs of four establishments of Amenemhat II in the Fayum area, suggesting a land triangle between Medinet Madi, Hawara, and Medinet el-Fayum, connected by different manifestations of Sobekshedti.
In the area to the west of the Pyramid of Amenemhat II, the German Mission has uncovered a cemetery.
Burial shafts in this cemetery are laid out in rows running parallel to the enclosure wall of the Pyramid Complex of Amenemhat II.
At the Stele Ridge quartz/carnelian mines (at the northeastern end of the region) we located a new sandstone stele of Amenemhat II, showing the king making offerings to Hathor, with several horizontal lines of hieroglyphic inscription below.
8, a slight error appears: with reference to the Annals of Amenemhat II from Memphis, two references to Amenhotep II are given.