American Bird Conservancy

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American Bird Conservancy (ABC)

Address:PO Box 249
The Plains, VA 20198

Established: 1922. Description:Protects and conserves wild birds and their habitats throughout the Americas. Dedicated to overcoming the greatest threats facing birds: a growing human population, the use of pesticides, and the introduction of destructive species including domestic cats. Members: 7,000. Dues: $40/year.
Publications: Bird Conservation magazine (3x/year). Bird Calls newsletter (3x/year); free to members.

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The organizations are the American Bird Conservancy, American Rivers, Environmental Defense, Environmental Working Group, Land Trust Alliance, National Audubon Society, Natural Resources Defense Council, Republicans for Environmental Protection, Soil and Water Conservation Society, Trust for Public Land, Wilderness Society, and the World Wildlife Fund.
Everglades and Dry Tortugas national parks and Big Cypress National Preserve, all designated by the American Bird Conservancy as Globally Important Bird Areas, provide excitement for novice or experienced birders.
Millions of birds die each year in the United States because the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has failed to comply with environmental laws in its licensing of television, radio, cell, and other communications towers, according to a lawsuit filed by Earthjustice on behalf of the American Bird Conservancy of Washington, DC; and the Forest Conservation Council of Santa Fe, New Mexico.
The discovery of the Cozumel Thrasher was announced jointly by the American Bird Conservancy and Conservation International, both based in Washington, DC.
This work was supported by a grant from The American Bird Conservancy, Pesticides and Birds Campaign, Washington, D.
The National Wildlife Federation and the American Bird Conservancy warn that seven state birds may soon be endangered.
I also want to thank George Fenwick, he's the President of the American Bird Conservancy, for joining us as well.
Christine Sheppard is bird collisions campaign manager for American Bird Conservancy.
Colliding with glass is the biggest known killer of birds in the United States and is responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths every year, according to the American Bird Conservancy.
A document that Mineau co-authored for the American Bird Conservancy this spring states that the EPA "underestimates toxicity by 1.
Birds can die in collisions with the turbine blades, towers, power lines, or related structures, and can also be impacted through habitat destruction from the siting of turbines, power lines, and access roads," the non-profit American Bird Conservancy reports.
Fish and Wildlife survey, windmills kill nearly half a million birds a year, and the American Bird conservancy projected the number could double in 20 years.

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