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An emaciated American bulldog, found locked in a dirty cupboard under stairs.
Clara, an American bulldog, was found non the streets of Coventry on October 28.
Leanne Meredith, previously of Tynygongl, near Benllech, Anglesey, was convicted of allowing her two American bulldogs to attack the bull at a nearby farm in 2012.
The American Bulldog is a strong dog and a man with one arm shouldn't be walking two of them never mind several.
MISSING: An American bulldog puppy similar to those taken (S)
RONNIE, a rescued American Bulldog, was barely able to walk when he was brought into a Cardiff veterinary hospital as a four-month-old puppy.
RESCUED American Bulldog Ronnie has been nursed back to health with a regime to make a pampered celebrity jealous.
MY four-year-old all-white American bulldog bitch gets acne on her head and her chin.
The American Bulldog puppies were just four weeks old when they were stolen from the house in Wensleydale Road, during the day on Saturday, July 23.
A FIERCE American bulldog terrier leapt over a five-foot garden fence and savaged a labrador which was out for a walk with its owner.
De Cagny trained two of the golden retrievers who portrayed Shadow, one of the film's three main characters (the others are Chance, an American bulldog, and Sassy, a Himalayan cat).
WHEN a powerful American Bulldog whose owner never took it for a walk got out of the house, it savaged a young girl, leaving her with permanent scarring.

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