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(ā`bī) [short for AbijahAbijah
, in the Bible.

1 See Abi.

2 Died c.911 B.C., king (c.914–c.911 B.C.) of Judah, the southern kingdom. He succeeded his father, Rehoboam, and King Jeroboam continued warfare against him.
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], in the Bible, King Hezekiah's mother.



(Application Binary Interface) A specification for a specific hardware platform combined with the operating system. It is one step beyond the application program interface (API), which defines the calls from the application to the operating system. The ABI defines the API plus the machine language for a particular CPU family. An API does not ensure runtime compatibility, but an ABI does, because it defines the machine language, or runtime, format. See Wabi.

ABI and API Relationship
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on behalf of the Privacy and American Business Initiative at Columbia University in New York, indicated that about two-thirds of the respondents are concerned about the privacy and security of EMRs.
Our objective is to provide small business owners with a comprehensive understanding of bank financing requirements and analysis," said Forte, who also directs Comerica's African American business initiative.
John Sanderson, named CEO of the Year, is responsible for the North American business initiatives of Siemens VDO Automotive.

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