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8m through the planned secondary offering, which will sell shares at a face value of $49 for each American Depository Share.
Net loss for each American depository share for the first six months was trimmed by nearly 50 per cent.
said Monday it will change the ratio of its American Depository Receipt (ADR) program from 10 shares of its underlying common stock to one share of common stock per American Depository Share (ADS).
The company said its first-quarter profit would be between 15 cents and 19 cents per American depository share.
The AXA American Depository Share is also listed on the NYSE under the ticker symbol AXA.
The initial public offering price is US $ 13 per American Depository Share (ADS).
4 million of its American depository shares thus completing its USD200 million share repurchase program.
American Depository Shares of Novartis rose 69 cents to $53.

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