American Kennel Club

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American Kennel Club

(AKC), national organization in the United States devoted to the advancement and welfare of pure-bred dogs. It is comprised of approximately 500 autonomous clubs. A delegate represents each club in the AKC's legislative body, which votes on the rules and regulations that govern dog shows and obedience and field trials. The AKC keeps a registry of recognized breeds and records the ancestry of registered pure-bred dogs in its stud book. It also provides educational materials for dog owners and sponsors rescue groups for each breed.


See the official publications of the American Kennel Club, including The Complete Dog Book (18th ed. 1992).

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American Kennel Club is a not-for-profit organisation, which maintains the largest registry of purebred dogs in the world and oversees the sport of purebred dogs in the United States.
The American Kennel Club is a registry of purebred dog pedigrees in the United States.
The American Kennel Club, however, recognizes only 153 of the breeds.
A blend of first person memoir and experiences in the world of the American Kennel Club dog obedience routines, this is a fine guide which covers everything from ethics and training philosophies to OTCH points and bad apples in obedience training.
So they went after one of the best names in the industry, introducing a line of treats and toys under the American Kennel Club.
Most noteworthy are chapters dealing with professional dog breeders and the American Kennel Club.
Taco Bell's talking Chihuahua ads in the late 1990s created what was then considered "buzz," but the American Kennel Club reported a 72 percent increase in Chihuahua sales.
Ostrander and her colleagues analyzed the DNA from 414 dogs representing many of the most popular breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club, one of the groups funding the research.
According to the American Kennel Club, the breed is ``easily trained and responsive to kindness.
DOGNY is being administered by the American Kennel Club, a not-for-profit organization that is responsible for overseeing the governance of the sport of purebred dogs.
Following the incident the airline has decided to ban Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers and American Pit Bull Terriers, a move which the American Kennel Club has labelled unjustified, reported Reuters.

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