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The idea for a dictionary of Americanisms dates to the late 19th century.
Unfortunately for his objection, stiff upper lip is itself an Americanism, from the early 19th century, that has made itself very much at home here, with the language none the worse for it.
If Mr Murdoch's Fox Corporation secures control of Five, viewers would find themselves inflicted with Americanisms such as fries instead of chips and sidewalk rather than pavement.
What Mr Green means is 'Hideous Americanisms - such as 'horrendous' and 'alternate' .
But the Americanisms increasingly creeping into general usage don't half grate.
But if there's one Americanism which makes me want to shake the perpetrator by the throat, it's "you guys".
The latest version of Fowler's famous books on English Usage gives the all- clear for Americanisms like "ok" and "yippee" - even though the first edition in 1926 condemned words from across the Atlantic.
The new Edinburgh-based author, Robert Allen, says even those who decry Americanisms could be using them unwittingly, in words like brinkmanship, babysitter and teenager.