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city (1990 pop. 47,198), Story co., central Iowa, on the Skunk River; inc. 1870. Its chief manufactures are electronic, water-analysis, and water-treatment equipment; motor vehicles; construction materials; and machinery. Iowa State Univ. is located in Ames and contributes significantly to the economy. The National Animal Disease Laboratory and the Iowa State Center, a large cultural, educational, and athletic complex, are also in the city.
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Founded in 1774, the AMES brand is the third oldest in the country, and its tools literally helped build America, playing a prominent role in shaping the infrastructure and foundation of the country for more than 200 years.
Often rebuffed by the federal government, surrounded by whites who either actively or implicitly supported violent defiance, Ames gloomily retired to the governor's mansion in Jackson in the mid-1870s, reading Trollope's The Way We Live Now and mulling whether he could invent a new kind of ladder.
Monday and Tuesday at Ames Auctioneers, 16705 Roscoe Blvd, North Hills.
The locals are the people who really drive our business," says Ames, noting many of Timberwolf's group sales come from Elliot Lake, Timmins and Mattawa.
Other, smaller wind tunnels at NASA Ames, some equipped for supersonic wind velocities, are heavily used for testing aircraft components or scaled-down models.
Ames was Director of Acquisitions and Sales of the Film Division of the Image Bank, the largest global sales and marketing organization for stock film, stills and illustrations.
Headquartered in Stone Mountain, Georgia, AMES Taping Tools is the industry's leading provider of drywall finishing tools, supplies, and training.
Unlike Ames, a plodding intelligence officer, Nicholson was regarded as a top-flight intelligence officer and had exhibited few signs that he planned to sell CIA secrets to the Russians.
It was around this time that Ames began to show signs that he had been turned.
On these grounds, Ennever says, the Ames test would not surpass the other three assays in the SCIENCE paper.
AMES Color-File also offers an extensive line of standard CD mailer designs.
Ames is taking part in this trend by encouraging coaches of Little League(R) to contact the store manager at their local Ames store to set up a date for their team's signup.