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SAN FRANCISCO -- Kontera, the leading provider of relevant In-Text advertising and information solutions, announced today that it has hired Ammiel Kamon as Executive Vice President of Marketing and Ayelet Levav as Vice President of Human Resources.
Leadership Team Additions: Ammiel Kamon, Vice President, Marketing and Dan Pritchett, Chief Platform Architect
The archive includes leading poets from the Beat Movement, such as Gregory Corso, Diane DiPrima, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg and Gary Snyder; New York School poets John Ashbery, Bill Berkson, Ted Berrigan, Kenward Elmslie, Barbara Guest, Kenneth Koch, Bernadette Mayer and Anne Waldman; San Francisco Renaissance poets Robin Blaser, Robert Duncan and Joanne Kyger; Black Mountain School poets Robert Creeley and Ed Dorn; Black Arts Movement poets Amiri Baraka and Lorenzo Thomas; L-A-N-G-U-A-G-E poets Charles Bernstein and Lynn Hejinian; and many contemporary poets including Ammiel Alcalay, Andrei Codrescu and Michael Ondaatje, among others; and numerous authors, including William S.
Today, diCarta also announced the appointment of former Interwoven executive David Cassady as vice president of worldwide sales and services, and former Netscape executive Ammiel Kamon as vice president of marketing and business development.
critic Lucy Lippard; poet Ammiel Alcalay; actor David Clennon; the Palestinian
Nimisha, 6, and Ammiel, 2 , are in India and eagerly waiting for their loving grandfather.
See AMMIEL HIRSCH & YOSEF REINMAN, ONE PEOPLE, Two WORLDS 188 (2002) (quotingJosef Reinman) (asserting that the Septuagint was the result of Egyptian King Ptolemy's order to translate the Torah into Greek around 250 B.
Arabesques, meanwhile, is far and away the most acclaimed Hebrew-language novel by a Palestinian Israeli writer; Ammiel Alcalay attributes its success to its seeming confirmation ("through no fault of its own") of Israeli pluralism and multiculturalism (9-10 and 286, n.
The final coda poem, is dedicated to Ammiel Alcalay, the translator of the book.
This is a major competitive advantage against ERP vendors which lack solution capabilities, and offer a patch quilt of conflicting on-demand and installed software," said Ammiel Kamon, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Emptoris.
Emptoris' Powered by SAP NetWeaver designation signifies our continued commitment to our large installed base of Global 2000 companies running SAP solutions," said Ammiel Kamon, senior vice president of Product Management and Marketing at Emptoris.
Ammiel Alcalay (21) cites this passage in reference to Edward Said's discomfort with the objectifying and ultimately appropriative way that the West "studied" other peoples: by contorting human comity in order to view "the Orient as spectacle, as tableau vivant.