Ammonia Water

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ammonia water

[ə′mōn·yə ‚wȯd·ər]
A water solution of ammonia; a clear colorless liquid that is basic because of dissociation of NH4OH to produce hydroxide ions; used as a reagent, solvent, and neutralizing agent.

Ammonia Water


an aqueous solution containing 18–25 percent ammonia. Ammonia water is obtained by mixing synthetic ammonia in water or by absorption of ammonia in water from the gases given off in coke production. In the latter case, ammonia water, just like ammonia (18–20 percent), contains an admixture of carbonic gas (70–100 grams per liter), an insignificant quantity of cyanic compounds, and other substances. Ammonia water is used as liquid liming in the production of soda, in industrial organic synthesis for the ammoniation of feed in agriculture, and in other industries.

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Planned Employer demand for 24% ammonia water is estimated at no more than 9.
The subject of the Contract is the supply of ammonia water a minimum of 24.
Contract notice: Deliveries of 24% ammonia water for siekierki in warsaw.
The transmission system of the existing station reagent ammonia water storage;3.