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The Amorites were an ancient Semitic-speaking people from ancient Syria who also occupied large parts of southern Mesopotamia from the 21st century BC to the end of the 17th century BC.
Amorite Personal Names in the Mari Texts: A Structural and Lexical Study.
Scholars of religion, the Bible, literature, and the region begin by setting out the background with discussions of the Amorite heritage in the West, current issues in the study of Old Testament prophecy, and other matters.
Following on Elamite and Amorite invasions a Babylonian nation arose that lasted almost 1 000 years, characterised by cultural development under great kings like Hammurabi (1792-1750 BC).
He confronts a coalition of Amorite chieftains, and God comes to his aid again, raining hailstones down on the Amorites, and granting yet another miracle: He will have the sun stand still until Joshua finishes off the Amorites.
The oldest known name of Jerusalem was actually Urusalem, which was of Amorite derivation based on the Canaanite-Amoritic god Salem or Shalem.
Neil Godfrey: Much of the ancient history I learned in high school--about the Hittites, the spread of Indo-European languages, the Amorite invasions--is now known to be wrong.
These scholars--and others as well--hold to the Amorite hypothesis as explaining the reference in Ugarit to the two pantheon heads.
The Akkadians emphasized training and technology and used both to prevail for centuries against hostile Gutian, Elamite and Hurrian hill tribes to the East and marauding Amorite desert tribes to the West.
Amorite the child in Steedman's study found means of manipulating and transforming the meanings that two linguistic systems presented.
An answer to this question finally begins to emerge from the fact that the rabbinic ban on Amorite ways does not apply to acts with curative or protective value.
Fanning out from Beirut, which is itself developing into a rich mine of attractions, these tried and tested excursions take in the famous Jeida Caves, the ancient town of Byblos--the oldest continuously inhabited town in the world, with remains from Amorite, Phoenician and Roman civilisations, Crusader occupation and the Ottoman Empire--and the spectacular Karoun lake.