silicon dioxide

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silicon dioxide:

see silicasilica
or silicon dioxide,
chemical compound, SiO2. It is insoluble in water, slightly soluble in alkalies, and soluble in dilute hydrofluoric acid. Pure silica is colorless to white.
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silicon dioxide

[′sil·ə·kən dī′äk‚sīd]
(inorganic chemistry)
SiO2 Colorless, transparent crystals, soluble in molten alkalies and hydrofluoric acid; melts at 1710°C; used to make glass, ceramic products, abrasives, foundry molds, and concrete.

silica, silicon dioxide

A white or colorless substance, nearly insoluble in water and in all acids except hydrofluoric; extremely hard; fuses to a colorless amorphous glass.

silicon dioxide

(SiO2) A hard, glassy mineral found in materials such as rock, quartz, sand and opal. In metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) chip fabrication, silicon dioxide is used to create the insulation layer between the metal gates of the top layer and the silicon elements below. See silica gel.
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In fact these stones are nothing more than amorphous silica containing up to a fifth of water, with traces of metal oxides that sparkle.
The phases of the 550[degrees]C composite coating include [gamma]-alumina and amorphous silica.
The transparent solid is similar in structure to the ordinary amorphous silica in window glass.