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see adenosine monophosphateadenosine monophosphate
(AMP) , organic compound composed of an adenine base, the sugar ribose, and one phosphate unit. AMP is one of the possible products of the hydrolysis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and is therefore important in the transfer of chemical energy during
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Abbreviation for ampere, the basic unit for electrical current.






The International Standard unit for electrical current. A unit of the rate of flow of electric current; an electromotive force of 1 volt acting across a resistance of 1 ohm results in a current flow of 1 ampere.


1. an ampere
2. Informal an amplifier


(mathematics, tool)


(networking, tool)


(1) See ampere and amplifier.

(2) (AMP) (Accelerated Mobile Pages) See Google AMP.

(3) (AMP) (Alternate MAC/PHY) See Bluetooth AMP.

(4) (AMP) (Apache MySQL PHP) See LAMP.

(5) (AMP) (AMedia Player) The first MP3 player, developed by Tomislav Uzelac at the University of Zagreb in 1997. Subsequent media players used the AMP designation such as AmigaAMP and Winamp. See media player.
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We are delighted to partner Sony Music to offer more than one million of the latest music tracks to 200,000 AMPed customers, providing them with endless hours of multimedia entertainment--an experience that money can't buy.
All Amped Wireless products include the Wi-Fi Analytics Tool App that provides advanced software applications for Android and Windows devices in order to assist in analyzing and optimizing Wi-Fi networks for maximum speed and coverage.
11ac standard, we are pleased to enable companies like Amped Wireless to deliver more bandwidth to homes and businesses.
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A fifty camera AMPED 360 array will be set up to capture tattoo images for rotation in addition to information on how rotational images can be created using a single camera and uploaded to the AMPED360ink.
Anything is Possible" was also written on the ribbon that was cut to symbolize the grand opening of Nueva Esperanza Secundaria, a school that his fledgling charitable organization, Amped for Education, helped build in a barrio in Granada, Nicaragua.
It also reports that there were concerns about the character's updated superhero costume, which had lost the Stars And Stripes and amped up the Greek goddess instead.
Missioula, MT's Aven Comstock was so amped to back tail he forgot to sweep the landing or put a shirt on
At the event, you can race live across the world on XBox Live supplied by BT Broad Band or try your hand at an array of other games including Counter Strike, Amped 2, NHL Rivals, Top Spin Tennis, Mech Assault and many many more.
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