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Sources revealed that a top doctor, whose clinic was found to contain hundreds of ampules of such painkillers during a raid last year, was being investigated for his alleged role in administering them to patients.
The stolen ampules are clearly labelled and anyone with information should contact Det Sgt Simm at Huddersfield CID via the number 101.
The new system, which is based on Versatile Volumetric Vision, a high-functional 3-D vision system developed by AIST, can automatically discern various ampules and syringes and sort them out with precision.
Nurse Matthias claimed that the container had opened and all of the medication fell down several flights of stairs, breaking two ampules of morphine, two vials of Demerol, and two vials of Valium.
In the absence of an engineered solution such as MedeGrip, physicians and nurses have commonly used gauze to grip ampules when breaking them.
SAF DE-CAP[R] protects personnel from aerosol and splash when removing caps on blood tubes and breaking open ampules.
Each kit contains 10 ampules of revitalising compound and 10 sachets of active ingredients - shake them up to create a luxurious home spa system.
The new oral concentrate form in ampules allows for easier and quicker mixing and administration.
Ergonomic Device Helps Nurses Safely Remove IV Connectors, Break Glass Ampules and Perform Other Tasks
Reference materials must be delivered in sealed ampules of approximately 1 mL; ethanol 15 mg/dL may be supplied in 5mL ampules
Ampules are packaged in kits containing four of each level.
Wilson Abel, 31, is facing 24 separate charges, including 12 counts of stealing ampules of fentanyl citrate from a woman at St Mary's Orthopaedic Hospital, Cork.