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(ăm`răm), in the Bible.

1 Moses' father; ancestor of a Levitical family.

2 Edomite. 1 Chron. 1.41. Hemdan: Gen. 36.26.

3 Jew who had married a foreign wife.

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When mission assurance does call for protecting space-based capabilities, the options today are the same four that were formulated by Amrom Katz almost 50 years ago: make them invulnerable, make them replaceable, make them invisible, or prepare them to shoot back.
Amrom Katz (1948), a photogrammetric specialist whose career extends through this entire story, estimated that about 80 percent of the information secured on the Axis powers and their activities during World War II resulted from aerial reconnaissance.
The Cold War careers of Amrom Katz, a photogrammetrist and systems developer, and Richard Leghorn, a pilot, aerial photographer, and instrument designer, exemplify the complex ethnography of secrecy and disclosure, as well as the movement back and forth across the barriers of classification.
Amrom Katz's career brackets those of Tobler and Doyle.
El Caribe on July 27 added up the numerous loans taken by the Mejia administration in its first 11 months in office: Spanish commercial banks: RD$437 million Italian, German, Amrom, Jamco project: US$224 million Belgium loan for hospitals: US$175 million Italian-Livornio Ozama project: S$188 million Plan Renove for transport: US$150 million.
Skoda Auto, Skoda Transportation, Hyundai, TPCA, Tatra, Jawa, Siemens VDO, InnovaPlast, AAA Auto, Suzuki, Audi Hungaria, Raba, Kirchhoff, Ikarus, Intrall, Fiat Auto Poland, Daihatsu, VW Poznan, Volvo, MAN, Solaris, Solbus, Kapena, Fiat-GM Powertrain, Adecco, Dacia, Tiriac Auto, Hyundai Auto Romania, Premium Auto, Daewoo Craiova, Kia Rom Auto, Renault Nissan Romania, Porsche Romania, General Motors Romania, Dubious Amrom Automotive, Pirelli, Stabilus, Takata-Petri, Pro Auto Industries, PwC, Ford, Volkswagen, AvtoVAZ, GAZ Group, LDV, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Mazda Motors, KIA Motors, Kamaz Group, ZIL, VTMZ, Nokian Tyres, PSA, Visteon, Getrag Ford, AvtoKapital, ZAZ, Bohdan, LuAZ, CherkassyTekhnoMash, KrAZ, Fuji Heavy Industries, Sojitz, Subaru, ZKT, LAZ, Eurocar, Peugeot, Honda.
Israel, Amrom (broker) 1520 54th Street License Revoked Brooklyn, NY In February 1999, following a hearing, the Respondent's certification to produce for the New York Automobile Plan was revoked for two years for various Plan violations.