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Amtran Technology will provide a cash dividend per share of NT$1.
According to AmTRAN, influenced by confusing and fluctuating retail prices, competition in the fourth quarter is fierce.
Better, then, to get Amtran out of the public equity markets.
Qiu, chief financial officer of AmTRAN, says with peak season in October and November, the firm is likely to achieve the LCD TV annual shipment goal of 600,000 units, exceeding last year's 530,000 units, but remains cautious towards profits in the fourth quarter due to underselling among rivals in the end of this year, with expected 30%-plus discounts offered as promotion.
AmTran will be filing a notice of the upcoming layoffs with the state Employment Security Department in the next couple of days.
No annual report is required, because Amtran is a privately held corporation.
The moves were announced on Wednesday (10 October) at the annual shareholders meeting of ATA parent company, Amtran Inc, and come three weeks after the carrier said that it would be laying off 1,500 employees and reducing its flight schedule by 20%.
Did you know there is a big-buck bus buy in the works at AmTran Corp.
Taipei, Aug, 16 2012 (CENS) -- AmTRAN Technology, Co.
The company has worked with many of Arkansas' larger industrial companies, including AmTran, Molex, Kimberly-Clark, International Paper, Cooper Tire and Albermarle.