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(ā`mŏn) [Heb.,=trustworthy]. 1 King of Judah (642–640 B.C.), son and successor of Manasseh. According to ChroniclesChronicles,
two books of the Bible, originally a single work in the Hebrew canon (the final book of that canon), called First and Second Chronicles in the Authorized Version, and called First and Second Paralipomenon in the Septuagint and in the Vulgate.
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, he was inattentive to the worship of God, and the accounts accordingly denounce him strongly. However, his worship of other gods indicates that he, like his father, was an Assyrian vassal. Amon was murdered, and Josiah succeeded him. 2 In the Bible, Ahab's governor of Samaria.


(ā`mən, ä`–),


(ă`mən), or


(ä`mĕn), Egyptian deity. He was originally the chief god of Thebes; he and his wife Mut and their son Khensu were the divine Theban triad of deities. Amon grew increasingly important in Egypt, and eventually he (identified as Amon Ra; see RaRa
or Re
, in Egyptian religion, sun god, one of the most important gods of ancient Egypt. Ra was chief of the cosmic deities and was sometimes called the creator and father of all things.
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) became the supreme deity. He was identified with the Greek Zeus (the Roman Jupiter). Amon's most celebrated shrine was at Siwa in the Libyan desert; the oracle of Siwa later rivaled those of Delphi and Dodona. He is frequently represented as a ram or as a human with a ram's head.
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The High Priest of Amun at this time was a royal prince who ensured that on festival days there was plenty of bread, beer, beef and fowl, fruit, and flowers for everyone.
The god Amun himself desired to create his living image on earth, to reveal his greatness and to carry out his plans.
Akhenaten ordered the destruction of numerous statues of Amun and shut down various temples, demanding that the people of Egypt now worship the sun god Aten.
72: Es uberrascht nicht wirklich, dass die auf den Grabkegeln belegten Eigennamen als theophores Element Amun aufweisen oder Festnamen darstellen, speziell da die Mehrheit der Personen ihren Titeln nach in Verbindung zum Tempel des Amun standen.
Canadian Solar will acquire 49 percent stake in Avighna Solar farms and Amun Solar farms, the special purpose vehicles (SPVs) setup by Suzlon for executing these projects.
Twice a year at the temple in Abu Simbel, just after sunrise, the rays of the sun illuminate the statues of Ramses, Ra and Amun in the central chamber just after sunrise.
Among the paintings is a scene depicting the king offering the justice sign of Maat to the god Amun Re.
The statue was "extremely important," opined Robert Littman, a member of the governing board of the Archaeological Institute of America, because it is one of the few surviving depictions of Akhenaten, who built the city of Amarna and introduced an early form of monotheism, doing away with the worship of the chief god, Amun.
The president who is still being accompanied by his Vice-President Riek Machar, Deng Alor, Pagan Amun, Nhial Deng Nhial, Abdul Bagi Ayii Akol among others, adds people preaching violence are defiant of the churches they purport to represent.
Among their topics are the Amarna succession, usurped cartouches of Metenptah at Karnak and Luxor, architectural and iconographic conundra in the tomb of Khereuf, the festival on which Amun went out to the Treasury, a sandstone relief of Tutankhamen in the Liverpool Museum from the Luxor temple colonnade hall, a reconstruction of Senwosret I' portico and some structures of Amenohotep I at Karnak, and the land of Ramesses.
A reception for the show, "Close to Amun and the Sun," and an artist demonstration will be held from 5:30 p.
Two hundred pounds may seem like a bit of a hefty price tag for a pair of earrings in these trying times, but we're honestly willing to scrimp and save when it comes to pieces as beautiful and versatile as these by Ben Amun.