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The subfamily currently includes 9 described genera (MataCasanova & Pujade-Villar 2013a): Acanthaegilips Ashmead, 1897; Acanthaegilopsis Pujade-Villar, 2013; Aegilips Haliday, 1835; Anacharis Dalman, 1823; Calofigites Kieffer, 1909; Hexacharis Kieffer, 1907; Proanacharis Kovalev, 1996; Solenofigites Diaz, 1979; and Xyalaspis Hartig, 1843.
On exposure to solutions of phenyl mercuric hydroxide and phenyl mercuric nitrate, shoot apexes of the monocotyledons Zea mays, Anacharis canadensis, and Ruppia maritima and of the dicotyledons Colcus blumei and Raphanus sativus showed different types of somatic mutations (MacFarlane, 1956; MacFarlane & Messing, 1953), in addition to c-mitosis, inhibition of spindle formation, and other chromosomal alterations in Allium cepa roots (see De Flora et al.
These are plants that grow submerged, such as anacharis (Elodea canadensis), Cabomba, and eel grass (Vallisneria).