Anadyr Gulf

Anadyr’ Gulf


a gulf of the Bering Sea which lies between the Chukotsk Peninsula and the Asian mainland. It is 278 km in length, about 400 km in breadth at its mouth, and up to 100–105 m in depth. At the head of the gulf are Sviatoi Krest Bay and the Anadyr’ estuary. The Anadyr’ River discharges into Onemen Gulf. Much of the year the Anadyr’ Gulf is covered with floating ice. The tides are semidiurnal but in the south are of mixed character. They reach 3 m in height. The city of Anadyr’ is located on the shore of the gulf.

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During Belopolsky's stay in that region (1930-31), Eskimos harvested two Steller sea lions off the northern coast of the Anadyr Gulf (Kresta Bay and Bering Cape, Fig.
No evidence of Steller sea lions dwelling off the western and southern coast of Anadyr Gulf (Fig.
Abundance along the Chukchi Peninsula and in Anadyr Gulf probably did not exceed several dozen or perhaps a hundred individuals, and there were no sites where Steller sea lions hauled out regularly.