Anadyr Plateau

Anadyr’ Plateau


located in northeast Asia, in the Chukchi National Okrug (Magadan Oblast, RSFSR). The Anadyr’ Plateau is located in the basin of the upper Anadyr’ River and its tributary, the Iurumkuveem. Its length is about 400 km, its breadth reaches 130 km (at the arctic circle), and its elevations range mostly from 800 to 1,100 m. The plateau is formed of rock covers of basalts, andesides, and dacites of the Cretaceous and Paleogenic eras. The Shchuchii and Osinovskii ranges (up to 1,221 m in elevation) are located in the southeast. The land is covered mostly with low-shrub, striated polygonal tundra growth and rock trains. The lower part of the slope is covered with tall alder shrubs and cedar elfin woodland. The alluvial fans are covered with thin growths of larch, the river terraces with marshes. There are deer pastures in the region.

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