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z]) [theta](z), where [theta] (z) is an arbitrary analytical function.
Three powerful new visualizations - density maps, image layouts, and network diagrams - combined with a repertoire of 300+ analytical functions allow for easy analysis of data stored in any type of data source: relational databases, multi-dimensional databases, Hadoop distributions, Web Services, and personal data stores, such as Excel files.
Any analytical function satisfies certain general properties.
3') defines an analytical function in the sense of the classical theory of analytical functions.
i], [lambda]) is analytical function of [lambda], it can be shown that
time), we examined several analytical functions (exponential, logarithmic curve, polynomial) and selected the one yielding the best correlation for the mass loss.
The third area, the largest and most dispersed, to employ economists is within commercial operations in support of numerous analytical functions to conduct marketing and sales analyses.
Analytical functions or other automated processes that rely on the mapping service also benefit from a lower refactor rate.
Teachers can provide real-time graphing, analytical functions and hands-on learning in English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.
While New York spent $15 million developing its center, Los Angeles consolidated existing analytical functions into a single command post at a fraction of the cost.
Not surprisingly, the company has taken care to protect its data: backing up customer-facing production systems to one location, and non-production, analytical functions to another.
Analytical functions within the software can be used to process and manipulate both map and attribute data through linkages established within the GIS.

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