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By using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), emerging TES systems based on latent and thermochemical have been identified as the future of TES systems because it shows remarkable performance capabilities.
Analytical hierarchy process (AHP), multi-attribute utility theory, outranking theory and goal programming are among the most common used multi-criteria methods.
Local preferences for economic development outcomes: Analytical hierarchy procedure.
The 18 papers from ICSM 2013 explore such topics as constructing super-network models based on emergency event management, the online fuzzy comprehension evaluation of unit electrical equipment based on an analytical hierarchy process, an extended method for generating safety test cases of a high-speed-railway train control center, a digital image watermarking algorithm based on single-value decomposition and lifting wavelet transformation, and improving a map-based post-disaster management system using a Gaussian multi-course data fusion algorithm.
The analytical hierarchy process (AHP) is often implemented in the risk evaluation to improve the effectiveness of investment management and decision analysis (Wijnmalen 2007).
Abstract: This paper presents the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) as a decision making tool for the evaluation of the potential to introduce eco design of Romanian producers from electrical and electronic equipments (EEE) field.
Lin identifies key ecological indicators to motivate ecological concerns in urban land consolidation in the paper in which the author develops a practical urban ecological evaluation model with four levels and twenty-three indicators, utilizing habitual domain analysis and analytical hierarchy process.
Herein lies the value and power of Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP).
This paper introduces the analytical hierarchy process and shows how this methodology addresses the limitations ore VA and BSC by integrating them into one comprehensive system.
A more rigorous and versatile version of MADM is the analytical hierarchy process (AHP).
Prioritized INNAT types through the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) based on competitive benchmarking, technology management strategies and technology roadmap.
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