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a city in the Krasnodar Krai of the RSFSR, primarily a children’s health resort featuring warm climate and mineral muds. Located on the northeastern shore of Anapa Bay on the Black Sea, 33 kilometers from the Tonnel’naia railroad station, on the Krasnodar-Novorossiisk railroad; there is a connecting highway. Population in 1968, 23,000.

In ancient times there was a settlement of Sindhis —Sindskaia Harbor (or Sindika)—where Anapa now stands. After its annexation by the kingdom of the Bosporus in the fourth century B.C., this settlement was known as Gorgippiia. Turkey seized it in 1475 and transformed it into a powerful fortress in 1781–82. It was annexed to Russia by the Adrianople Treaty of 1829. A city since 1840, Anapa became a health resort in 1866.

Anapa offers a moderately moist, warm climate with mild winters and very warm summers, sun cures, sea bathing from June to October along a sandy beach that gently slopes into the sea, mineral silt mud, and mineral springs. There are treatments for patients with nontubercular respiratory diseases, functional diseases of the nervous system, gynecological disorders, anemia, and other problems. It has sanatoriums, rest homes, and boarding houses for mothers and children that are open all year.

In Anapa food and light industrial enterprises serve the health resort. Also located there are an agricultural technical school and a museum of regional studies. Wine is made in the region in local vineyards.

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We are connected by long-term cooperation in various types of insurance - our company provides comprehensive insurance protection for both the company itself and employees and holidaymakers, "says Lyubov Pogorelaya, head of the agency in Anapa, a branch of Rosgosstrakh company in the Krasnodar region.
The pipelines will enter the water near Anapa, on the Russian coast, and come ashore on the Turkish coast some 62 miles west of Istanbul, near the village of Kiyikoy.
A mediados de 2014 el diario britanico The Telegraph tuvo acceso al expediente de la acusacion estadunidense contra el, donde se incluia su direccion en Anapa.
Alli, una parte de la cosecha se consume como anapa, generalmente mezclada con frutos de "algarrobo blanco" (ver Acacia aroma).
Separately, several weeks ago it was revealed Austrian company Strabag was working on a tunnel beneath the port of Anapa where pipes would be laid.
As proposed, Turkish Stream would start at the Russkaya compressor station near Anapa and terminate in Kiyikoy, a village in the district of Vize in Kirklareli Province at northwestern Turkey.
Este tipo de procesamiento es similar al utilizado en el NOA para preparar anapa, bebida refrescante preparada a partir del remojo de las vainas molidas (Capparelli 2007).
That is not surprising, since the whole enterprise was run by one Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev of Anapa, Russia, leader of a gang of cyber-criminals based in Russia and the Ukraine.
1) Subsequently, EdF and Wintershall joined this technically challenging project--four pipelines, each 930 km in length to be laid from Anapa on the Russian Black Sea coast to Varna in Bulgaria in water depths of up to 2,250 meters.
The 18000 worked to a tight deadline at the Kazachya plant in Anapa to install 10 giant absorbers, which weighted up to 230 tonnes each.
The 16-year-old was the leading light in a six-strong Scottish squad that headed to Anapa on the Black Sea for the prestigious event that featured 254 fighters from 33 countries.
This runs from a point near Anapa in the Krasnodar region.