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a city in the Krasnodar Krai of the RSFSR, primarily a children’s health resort featuring warm climate and mineral muds. Located on the northeastern shore of Anapa Bay on the Black Sea, 33 kilometers from the Tonnel’naia railroad station, on the Krasnodar-Novorossiisk railroad; there is a connecting highway. Population in 1968, 23,000.

In ancient times there was a settlement of Sindhis —Sindskaia Harbor (or Sindika)—where Anapa now stands. After its annexation by the kingdom of the Bosporus in the fourth century B.C., this settlement was known as Gorgippiia. Turkey seized it in 1475 and transformed it into a powerful fortress in 1781–82. It was annexed to Russia by the Adrianople Treaty of 1829. A city since 1840, Anapa became a health resort in 1866.

Anapa offers a moderately moist, warm climate with mild winters and very warm summers, sun cures, sea bathing from June to October along a sandy beach that gently slopes into the sea, mineral silt mud, and mineral springs. There are treatments for patients with nontubercular respiratory diseases, functional diseases of the nervous system, gynecological disorders, anemia, and other problems. It has sanatoriums, rest homes, and boarding houses for mothers and children that are open all year.

In Anapa food and light industrial enterprises serve the health resort. Also located there are an agricultural technical school and a museum of regional studies. Wine is made in the region in local vineyards.

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Jose and Komal Saxena for support in preparing the article, and to Anapa Burman, Rakhi Burman, Preeti Verma and our team of investigators for their efforts at eliciting information on these sensitive topics.
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