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The Greek native owned two other establishments in Eugene before Anatolia.
A second suspect, Suleyman Gokhan Guven, who had received a three-month sentence in the first trial, was given a 10-year sentence in the retrial for stabbing Christopher Loftus and Kevin Speight, Anatolia said.
As Anatolia was a commerce road, did the Hittites receive coffee from passing caravans?
It lies across the Aegean Sea to the east of Greece and is usually known by its Greek name, Anatolia, meaning "The Land of Sunrise.
Anatolia identified the dead as Fredrik Poviton, 64,and Brenda Poviton, 62.
This book focuses on western Anatolia in the 14th and 15th centuries and the transition of the region into a Turkish-Islamic society.
The chapter "Ghosts" describes Turks' refusal to acknowledge the Armenian genocide in 1915, when Ottoman troops and irregulars ethnically cleansed eastern Anatolia of Armenians after repulsing a Russian invasion that Armenians had supported.
Evaluation of the main reasons for the Turkish Government's design and implementation Southeast Anatolia Project (GAP) will give us the opportunity to survey the water and land inventory of the region as a whole, as well as Turkey in particular.
Photographs shot by Garstang in Anatolia and northern Syria during his Anatolia Survey in 1907 and his archaeological excavations in 1911 are the central elements in the show, curated by Alan M.
Policeman Mehmet Uyar was sitting in front of a tea house in the Cinar district of the southeastern Diyarbakir region late Wednesday when unknown gunmen opened fire from a car, the Anatolia and Dogan news agencies reported.
Anatolia, Turkey, SANA -- NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg reiterated that establishing buffer zones in Syria, something which some states in the region are demanding, is not within the NATO's authority.
Description : The overall objective of the Competitiveness Agenda for the Southeast Anatolia (GAP) Region Project is to reduce regional disparities in Turkey, by contributing to the improvement of social stability, equality, economic development and competitiveness of the GAP Region.